About Ella Montt

Ella Montt cultivates the Allotment Plot. The Allotment Plot was originally the tillage of two allotments. One plot located in the garden at MERL, titled Allotment Plot at MERL (October 2009 to September 2012) and the other plot titled Allotment Plot 326, located at Bulmershe Allotments (August 2010 and ongoing). Ella Montt continues to cultivate Allotment Plot 326, but is always looking for other cultivation opportunities, within the social context of art and culture. Recently (2015), Ella Montt was awarded a new allotment plot, titled Allotment Plot 21, at a different location. Ella Montt will cultivate Plot 326 and Plot 21 comparing and studying both plots of land in continuum with human allotment plot social history.

Ella Montt is a visitor to Spaceship Earth, and originates from across a galactic star system where planet Earth is the third planet from the sun. Humans named this particular star system the Milky Way many “human” years ago. The Milky Way star system has existed for billions of years amongst many other galaxies in infinite space.

Ella Montt is a vegan and subscribes to a plant-based diet and lifestyle. She gardens organically, using methods and devices to encourage wildlife and biodiversity as assistants in vegetable plant cultivation. Ella Montt explores gardening as labour and its relationship to allotment history, art, leisure and everyday life. She likes earthworks, plant centric sites, cultivation fields, and sci fi-esque films using plant genre.