New Plot

Ella Montt acquired a new allotment plot, Plot 21, in May 2015. Plot 21 is at a different location to Plot 326, and makes an interesting juxtaposition in everyday life on Spaceship Earth. When Ella Montt accepted this new allotment challenge, she realized cultivation of two plots would not be easy. There are advantages and disadvantages of both plots. The soil on the new Plot 21 is easier to manipulate and has less wild plants embedded in its structure. The new plot has other structures on the Plot, acting as legacy left by previous cultivators, which will enable the plot’s cultivation.

The time of year (May) was already on going in the growing season and Ella Montt had to act quickly to encourage edible plant growth on Plot 21. Cultivation of the Plot began. Ella Montt cut the grass at both Plots and planted seeds. Meanwhile wildlife agents interacted with the Plot. Pigeons and other big birds waited for Ella Montt’s absence. Robin birds engaged with cultivation activity. The Robin birds were even more friendly than Plot 326’s and landed (within cms) on tools. Often it was not over warm; sunshine was frequent and rain un-frequent. The soil dried and needed water applications. Plant roots were cleared and new plants started to germinate.